Writing lots of quality, unique content for your website can be difficult and time-consuming. So, can you let your standards and quality slip in order to produce more?

Of, course not.

Adding value to your audience’s experience should always be the number 1 priority. Add quality over quantity. Useful, targeted, unique content WILL attract visitors. Switch your content up by producing more videos, audio and info graphics. It will help to keep your site unique to you. And fresh.

Content is arguably the most important factor in SEO. There are many forms of SEO though. The day has been and gone when a writer could push as many keywords as possible into a blog or article. Even the old trick of using common spelling mistakes in your writing, designed to send users who had searched that exact same mistake, are finished.

Search engines are wise to it all now.

Move With The Times As Search Engine Tech Advances

Users today want relevant content from their search and search engines know it.

The end user wants authoritative, accurate content to view in order to find the information they need. So, search engines consider many factors before sending results. But, ultimately, content is king.

Users don’t want pages full of adverts and fluff. They want content that’s useful. And substantial. They want content that is engaging and means something. In order to make that happen search engines have had to improve their technology.

As I Said Above, Lose The Fluff

Because search engine technology has changed over the years, meta tags don’t matter as much as they used to.

Useful relevant content does. Don’t stuff your content with keywords in a hasty manner. Keywords only belong in the titles, anchor text and sub headers.

Is writing not really your thing?

Lots of online business owners now hire copywriters. Although expensive, it can help create more in depth content. And less fluff. Even blog posts should be valuable these days. Each post should have a reason for being there. Be it an info graphic, video, podcast or article. If you don’t know why you’re posting it, don’t post it.

Your website real estate is too valuable.

Know Your Audience And Use The Appropriate Language

Always speak to your users and readers on their own level. No one likes to be talked down to. Offers and downloads, as well as articles, should be worded appropriately. Use the words and grammar that your intended audience would expect. Even if you do hire a copywriter, ensure the content resonates with the end user.

Make them feel comfortable. If it’s right for your visitors then it’s right for your site.

Focus on the content of the content and relax the use of keywords. It’s important to speak to your audience. They should feel engaged and informed. And, at times, even a little excited.

Whether they’re reading, listening or watching, try to compel them to act. The content should mean something to them.  Less of the keyword rich, fluff filled content. More quality.

Following this simple rule will mean more to your SEO efforts and WILL get you higher rankings.