A Long Tail Pro Review – Is It The Best Keyword Research Tool?

There are a lot of searches on Google each month for a Long Tail Pro review.  it is one of the most sought after research tools on the market today.  We all know how important keyword research is for online marketers.

So, Long Tail Pro.  Is it the best that’s out there?

Read on below to find out if this web based program lives up to the hype and if it’s worth your hard earned money each month.

  • Website: www.longtailpro.com
  • Price: $37 – $67 per Month
  • Training: ‘Long Tail University’ for Yearly Members (Video Tutorials)

Training – Learn How To Find Keywords

Are you building a niche or authority website?  Well, Long Tail Pro can certainly help you learn how to do keyword research the right way.

Video training courses are also included as part of your monthly subscription.  The videos are comprehensive and last up to 25 minutes per video.  There is a downside though.  To gain access to all the training videos you must choose the yearly pay plan.  The monthly pay plan will only give you access to less than half of the course.

What Features Are Included

When learning how to use any keyword research tool there will be a learning curve.  LTP is no different.  You have a wide range of stats to analyze including

  • Volume
  • Bid
  • Competition
  • Words
  • Rank Value
  • Average Keyword Competitiveness

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when doing keyword research?  Yes?  Well, Long Tail Pro will give you options to narrow down your parameters.  Only search for those words with a low bid price or low competition.  You can make it as precise as you like.

Rank Tracker – Is It Important To Keep Track?

In short, very.

LTP has the capability to track the rank of your keywords, pages and sites over a period of time.  This makes it easy to see if your moving in the right direction.

Keep An Eye On Your Competition

Before you start to build out your website with content, it is always useful to do some research into your competition.  Finding competing websites to your own is easy with the competition analysis tool.  The Trust Flow and Citation Flow stats will give you an idea of how well Google ranks any website.

Google has always given a high ranking to any website with a healthy backlink profile.  The Root Referring Domains and Page referring Domains section will give you a good insight into your competitions backlink strategy.  If you’re someone who has a lot of content this tool can also help with your keyword competitiveness.

Don’t forget though, the longer a site has been around and the more backlinks it has will ultimately help in your ranking.  This tool will still help find some tricks and techniques that your competition is using.  You can then implement them in your own strategy should you wish.

Search Results Are Limited

The basic LTP package only has 10,000 search results per month.  This shouldn’t be a problem for anyone just starting out.  If you do have lots of sites and lots content to research, you may find that you hit your limit pretty quickly.

An upgrade to a higher costing monthly package is then required.

Isn’t Google’s Keyword Planner Just As Good?

In some respects, yes.

Google’s keyword planner is free but LTP offers extra features and is a bit more convenient to use.  A lot of the data is exactly the same when comparing both tools though.

This is something to consider when weighing up the cost of Long Tail Pro.  Will you make use of the extra features?

The Not So Good Bit

There is no quick button to dig down into a keyword to see what alternatives will show up.

You must go back to the seed keyword form and start again from scratch.

Are The Training Videos Helpful?

The short answer.  Yes.  There is lots of help on how to do keyword research properly.  This can be applied to any niche.  For any website.

It’s not all good though.  The training topics aren’t well defined.  You’ll find a little bit here and little bit there on a specific topic throughout the videos.

Also, some of the terms used aren’t explained at all.  You will have to Google them for an explanation if your a newbie.

Should I Be Using Long Tail Pro?

If your new to the online marketing world I would say No.  They’re are easier and cheaper tools available to you.

My recommendation for a newbie would be Jaaxy.

Long Tail Pro does have a place though for certain people.  For experienced online marketers it makes a lot of sense.  The extra features can definitely help boost your rankings.  It can also help you find terms and keywords you should be ranking for.

Are you a methodical person?  Do you enjoying sifting through data?  Keywords, competition, traffic flow?


Then this tool is perfect for you too.

Customer Support

Is there help available if I’m stuck?  Yes.

There are email and chat facilities to help answer any questions.


If you’re an experienced marketer then this is the tool for you.  It definitely does the job and is worth the money.

If you’re a newbie though, it can be a bit overwhelming and the amount of data is unnesesary.